landscape design & construction

NES is a high-end stone landscape and design-build general contracting company. The owner, Robert Young, completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell and enjoyed stonework as a hobby for many years before turning it into his profession in 1985 when the company was founded. Based in the West Boston suburbs, New England Stonemasonry is committed to upholding high standards of quality in design, construction, and restoration.

high-end stone landscape design: fieldstone patio and surrounding steps


Many of our general contracting projects incorporate stonemasonry through bespoke combinations of landscape and hardscape design with driveways, patios, pillars, steps, walkways, and stone walls.

Water Features

NES stone landscape design seamlessly integrates natural water elements, such as fountains, ponds, waterfalls and streams. 

high-end stone landscape design boston: natural stone cascading waterfall and pond.
high-end stone design general contracting: Impressively large monolithic stone outdoor fire pit surrounded by inviting chairs.

Fire Pits + Outdoor Kitchens

NES stone landscape designs feature unique, tailored pieces both beautiful and functional; transforming exterior spaces into cozy, firelit social hubs perfect for discovering the joys of outdoor dining.

Corten Steel

NES landscape design often utilizes Corten steel, which develops an appealingly rusted appearance when exposed to the elements and eliminates the need for painting. 

high-end landscape design and general contracting boston: Attractively rusted Corten Steel & cedar railing surrounds the end of a driveway looking over a sheer dropoff with a beautiful view of New England forest.
high-end general contracting boston: The Old North Church in Boston, MA after the New England Stonemasonry restoration was done in 1994.


Robert has over 30 years’ restoration experience in the historically rich Boston area, most notably the Old North Church of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride. His continued work in this field with New England Stonemasonry elevates the meticulous process of reviving and preserving timeworn structures into an art form.


New England Stonemasonry’s custom design process creatively implements carpentry and woodwork with stonemasonry. Please note the project gallery is divided into two major categories: Landscape Components and General Contracting.

high end stone landscape design and general contracting boston: Custom carpentry mahogany wrap-around double tiered porch with natural fieldstone steps.